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Plan Manager Software

Our Plan Management Software is an internal tool that empowers HiCom Care - NDIS Plan Manager to efficiently manage thousands of invoices and participant plans. This software enables our plan administrators to provide Fast and Responsive services, including prompt payment processing within 3 business days and timely support on the same day.

With our Plan Management Software, we can:

  • Record invoices - When service providers submit their invoices, our software records them in the database and stores them for at least 5 years for auditing purposes.
  • Verify invoices - Our software will email or SMS a copy of each invoice back to you for verification and approval before paying the service providers.
  • Submit claims - After your approval, our software will submit claims to the NDIS portal on the same day to make the process as quick as possible.
  • Pay service providers - Our software pays the providers on the next day after receiving funds from the NDIS portal, ensuring timely payment within 3 business days.
  • Track remittance advices - Our software can track any transaction. If you or any service providers have questions about any invoice or any remittance advice, we can quickly respond with accurate information.
  • Fast and scalable - Our powerful software and database enable us to manage thousands of invoices and participant's plans effectively.

Our software and database are designed to effectively manage large volumes of invoices and participant plans, allowing us to meet the needs of our existing clients while also being prepared to take on new clients without sacrificing our Fast and Responsive standards.


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