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Support Coordinator Tool

This tool is for Support Coordinators who share mutual clients with us. With the participants who are plan-managed by HiCom Care, the support coordinators will be able to monitor participant's budget plans, track expenses, see the status of invoices, find suitable providers, etc.

With our Support Coordinator Tool, support coordinators can:

  • Select a participant - support coordinators can view a list of your participants whose plans are managed by us. You can select a participant to see the plan ( with the participant's consent) and perform the tasks that you need. In this way, support coordinators can deliver better supports to the participants.
  • View participant's plan budget - support coordinators can see the participant's plan budget details on the go - anytime and anywhere.
  • Track participant's invoices - support coordinators can track their participant's spending, see the status of their invoices and provide feedback on them if there are any issues.
  • Submit a reimbursement claim on participant's behalf - support coordinators can help to submit a reimbursement claim for the participants.
  • Latest updates - support coordinators'll get updated with the latest news from the NDIS and providers. Guarantee you will not miss any important information.
  • Reports - support coordinators can see the reports of their participants' spending, grouped by providers, months, or plan budget categories.
  • Service provider finder - easy to use the directory for support coordinators to find the right provider for the participants.


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