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Do you struggle with managing your workload as a Support Coordinator? We understand that it can be overwhelming at times, but with the new HiCom Care - Support Coordinator Tool, we aim to simplify and streamline the process of managing your participants' funds. By obtaining your participant's consent, you can now easily access their budget details, spending reports, and track their invoices, promoting better communication and faster assistance.

The HiCom Care - Support Coordinator Tool is designed to provide you with various helpful tools in one place, making your daily tasks faster and easier. This includes a comprehensive directory of over 1000 NDIS service providers, real-time updates on your participant's remaining funds to help with budget planning, and a tool for quickly looking up NDIS item codes and checking the latest price guide. Our goal is to make your job as a Support Coordinator more accessible and manageable, so you can focus on providing the best support to your participants.

Available on Google Play, App Store & Website on Computer
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Here are the main features and benefits of HiCom Care - Support Coordinator Tool:

  • Keeping your Participant's budget detailing and Invoices at hand
    Our Tool has been developed to help you manage your workload and provide better assistance to your Participants. You can now access your Participant’s budget details, spending reports and track their invoices with their consent. This will not only reduce the time spent on communicating with your participants but will also increase the quality of your communication.
  • View Participant’s Spending reports
    With our Tool, you can easily access a Participant's budget and invoices from anywhere, at any time. You can also view their spending reports and track their past spending to create a better plan for your Participants. Our report page is designed to group clients' spending by Support Categories, Service Providers, Months or Years, making report writing an effortless task.
  • Tools for your benefit
    Our Tool also comes with useful features, such as the Budget Calculator, which will assist in calculating the Participant’s budget, and the NDIS Price Guide to proofread all your invoices. The Provider Finder feature will help you find and coordinate services that suit your Participant's needs.
  • Connecting you with the community
    Moreover, we provide the latest news, events, and promotions on our Tool to keep you up to date and in touch with the NDIS community.

Note: To protect the participant's confidential information, there are some requirements you need to know before using the tool. One of our NDIS administrators will contact you shortly to explain how the tool works.

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