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Apps & Tools

Participant App

Our easy-to-use Participant App makes it simpler to track your spending, approve and see the status of invoices, access your NDIS plan details on the go, and many other useful functions.

Using Participant App, you can:

  • Monitor plan budget - make sure you can access your budget details at any time and anywhere.
  • Track invoices - enable you to track your spending, see the status of invoices, and feedback on them if any issues.
  • Submit a reimbursement claim - and get paid for what you spend for your needs from your own pocket.
  • Latest updates - you'll get updated with the latest news from the NDIS and providers. Guarantee you'll not miss any important information.
  • Reports - you can see reports of your spending grouped by providers, months, or plan budget categories.
  • Service provider finder - easy to use the directory to find the right provider for you to achieve your life goals.


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