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Participant App

Are you an NDIS participant or the nominee/ primary carer for an NDIS participant?

Do you often feel that managing all your invoices can become a hassle sometimes? Or probably all the time? And finding suitable supports or keeping yourself updated with the latest NDIS news also requires a lot of time and effort.

No worries, we feel you. With the new HiCom Care Participant app, we will ease the confusion of this process and help you achieve more choice and control over your NDIS journey.

Available on Google Play, App Store & Website on Computer
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To protect the participant's confidential information, there are some requirements you need to know before using the app. One of our NDIS administrators will contact you shortly to explain how the app works.

With HiCom Care - Participant App, you can:

  • Keeping budget detailing and Invoices at hand
    Getting tired of chasing up invoices or having no idea whether an invoice has already been paid? Constantly getting lost on how much funding is left hence feeling vulnerable and always questioning yourselves of how to best use your budget? No worries, the App is designed to bring you assurance by making the budget detail and all invoices accessible at anytime, anywhere.
  • Sharing budget details with your support coordinator
    Simply provide us with your consent to share your information and we will create an access point for your support coordinator which allows him/her to view your budget details. We hope this can enhance the quality of communication and make things easier for everyone.
  • View spending reports
    If you find tracking your spending history becomes tedious having to collect and chase up your plan managers and service providers for information, fear not, as we have designed a report page in which your spending is grouped by time and categories (Support Categories, Service Providers, Months or Years) upon your selection. With this feature, you can easily track and view your past spending and based on that, create a better way to make use of every single penny of your budget.
  • Claim reimbursements without trouble
    To make claiming a reimbursement a stress-free task, the app allows its users to be able to submit a reimbursement through just a simple attachment on the app, which will be seen and processed by our staff as soon as possible. You will no longer need to worry about putting aside your time or bursting your hair off with a bunch of paperwork for reimbursement. We will take care of that.
  • Find tools for your benefit
    We have taken the extra step to provide our Participants with resources, to not only assist in calculating your budget but also to verify your invoices through the NDIS Price Guide. Not only does it save you time searching for your resources, but it will also ensure clarity, peace of mind, and protection for you.

    Not just that, our tool displays 1000+ listings of NDIS service providers, which aims to maximise your choice in choosing the right supports for your needs.
  • Connect with your community
    Do you want to keep updated and in tune with the NDIS community? Let’s discover the latest News, Events, and Promotions on our app.

Available on Google Play, App Store & Website on Computer
Sign up FREE. No credit cards. No hassles