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Plan Management

Our Plan Management service helps you get more from your NDIS plan - AT NO COST to you. You just need to have Plan Management funded in your NDIS plan. We handle the day-to-day admin tasks that come with your plan and help you to keep track of your funding balance.

As your Plan Manager, we will:

  • Take care of invoicing process - make sure your service providers are paid on time within 3 business days and resolve any invoicing issues quickly.
  • Respect you independence - and provide you with reliable advice on your NDIS budgets based on your needs.
  • Participant app - give you access to your mobile app to track your spending, view invoicing status, and provide feedback.
  • Anytime & anywhere - our App shows your NDIS funding budget on the go and provides handy tips to make sure you utilize every penny of the funds to get the supports you need.
  • Always be reachable - ensure your queries are always responded in the same day!

Participant app

Our easy to use Participant App make it simpler to track your spending, approve and see the status of invoices and access your NDIS plan details on the go.

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Prompt, reliable support

You can always reach out to us for advice and support on your NDIS funds and invoices. Our team has all the handy tips you need.

Fast and accurate payment

Your NDIS invoices are thoroughly checked and paid quickly within 3 business days. If you pay any NDIS expenses from your pocket, you’ll be reimbursed in the following 2 business days.

Maximise your funds

We provide handy tips and support you in tracking your funds so you can use every penny of your NDIS funds to get the supports you need.


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