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Service Provider Portal

HiCom Care's Service Provider Portal is designed for service providers who share mutual clients with us. This portal enables providers to easily submit invoices to the Plan Manager, view invoice statuses, and check remittance advice. They can also ensure that their products and services are easily accessible by all Participants and Support Coordinators in our Ecosystem.

Using our Service Provider Portal, providers can:

  • Submit invoices - Providers can quickly and easily email or submit their invoices directly to us. All invoices will be recorded and stored in our database for at least 5 years to ensure they are available for auditing purposes.
  • Lookup invoices - Providers can review past invoices, check their status, and provide feedback if there are any issues.
  • Access remittance history - Providers can look up any remittance advice and view information such as the paid date, invoice number, and bank account details.
  • Increase visibility - Provider information will be visible to Participants and Support Coordinators in the Participant App when they are searching for suitable providers. Additionally, providers can promote their latest news, events, and promotions on the app to Participants and Support Coordinators.

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