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Our App & Tool Ecosystem

Participant App

View budget plan, see the status of invoices, submit a reimbursement claim, find suitable providers, etc.

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The efficient tools

Apps & online tools

A simple way to track your spending and invoices, so you can have full control on all transactions and your budget balance (also available on the app, so you check all details at anytime)

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Fast payments & reimbursements

Your service providers get paid within 3 business days through our Fast Payment Service. You can also submit reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses and get paid in 2 business days!

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Understanding your NDIS plan

Your App includes simple explanations of the support categories in your plan and provide useful tips on how to utilise your budgets to access various supports; such as iPads/tablets, transport..

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Tracking budget & invoices

Tracking invoices is never that easier! Find invoices in one simple search and know exactly the status progress. Plus, you can monitor the funding budget to get the most out of it.

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