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What We Do Best

At HiCom Care, we aim to leveraging apps & online tools to drive improvement in using NDIS funds and plans for participants, support coordinators and providers. Our services, apps and tools focus on Plan Management & Support Coordination, which to offer to manage and assist Participants to get the most out of NDIS funds.

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Our Services

Plan Management
As your Plan Manager we will:
  • Take care of your NDIS invoices, make sure your service providers are paid on time within 3 business days and resolve any issues with invoicing quickly
  • Give you independent, reliable advice about your NDIS budgets based on your personal needs
  • Give you access to your own mobile app to track your spending, see the status of invoices and feedback on them if any issues.
  • Plus, our app also show your NDIS funds budget on the go and handy tips to make sure you use every penny of the funds to get the supports you need
Support Coordination
As your Support Coordinator we will:
  • Guide and help you organise your supports, based on your needs and wishes
  • Give you access to a wide network of local and national service providers
  • Support you in understanding every detail of your NDIS plan and how to bring it to life
  • Help preparing for reviews of your NDIS plan and resolving any issues with service providers

Our Apps & Tools

Participant App

View budget plan, track spending, see the status of invoices, submit a reimbursement claim, etc.

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The efficient tools

Apps & online tools

A simple way to track your NDIS spending and invoices, so you always know where you're at and how much budget you have left (also available as an app, so your details are always with you).

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Fast payments & reimbursements

Your service providers get paid within 3 business days through our Fast Payment Service. And you can submit reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses and get paid in 2 business days!

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Understanding your NDIS plan

Your App includes simple explanations of the support categories in your plan and handy tips how to use your budgets for a variety of supports, such as iPads/tablets, cleaning, therapies, transport...

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Tracking budget & invoices

Tracking all invoices just got easier! Find invoices in one simple search and know exactly what status they are in. Plus, you can monitor the funds budget to make sure you get the most out of it.

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News & Events

Live Your Potential - NDIS Expo 2021

HiCom Care is one of 3 organizers of Live Your Potential - NDIS Expo

20 Apr

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