FAQs about plan management #3

🤔: Should my plan manager claim all plan funds at the start of my plan?

🤓: No, a plan manager can only submit claims for support and services after they have been provided.


Once an invoice or receipt has been issued and sent to a plan manager, they will make a claim for that amount from the NDIS. 👩‍💻🧑‍💻


All plan funds remain with the NDIS until a plan manager submits a claim for that amount.


In addition to this being a requirement of the NDIS, we want to let people know that prepayment is risky, as it is difficult to know the quality of the service without using it.


💚💜 With HiCom Care, we always email our customers back to confirm the invoice and the service they actually used before submitting a claim to the NDIS.



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