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Looking For a Plan Manager?

HiCom Care is a Fast & Responsive NDIS Plan Manager with a transparent participant app/website portal for you to check your budget remaining, view spending reports and track any invoice at anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We handle the day-to-day financial tasks that come with your plan and help you to keep track of your funding balance.

Participant App
Track invoices, budget & spending
Quick Process
3-day claim processing
Fast Support
Same day response
No Stress
Take the stress out of NDIS

Plan Management Service

As your plan manager, we guarantee the 4-fast service:
  • FAST RESPONSE - our same-day response rate ensures your concerns are addressed promptly without waiting for too long.
  • FAST PROCESSING - our 3-day claiming process, including the verification step, ensures your invoices are paid correctly on time.
  • FAST PROBLEM SOLVING - we provide easy ways for you to report any problem via phone call, email, mobile app or live chat.
  • FAST REGISTRATION - Simply click the link below and sign up in just 3 minutes, and we will take care of the rest.
As your plan manager, we have a 3-layer fund protection:
  • SOFTWARE RECORDING LAYER - our software will immediately detect any mistake on invoices such as invoice duplication, strange service providers, or overpriced item numbers, etc.
  • PERSONAL VERIFICATION LAYER - we will forward all invoices to your email for verification. This is to make sure only correct invoices will be paid.
  • TRANSPARENT APPLICATION LAYER - we will provide you with a unique mobile app to track all invoices. You can submit feedback, postpone or report any wrong invoice with just 1 click.


Participant App

Help participants check their remaining plan budget, view spending reports and track all invoices at any time, anywhere and on any device. Watch the video below to know how the app can help:

Participant App

Available on Google Play, App Store & Website on Computer
Sign up FREE. No credit cards. No hassles

The must-try app for all participants

Full control

A simple way to track your spending and invoices, so you can have full control on all transactions and your budget balance (available 24/7 on app and website, so you check all details at any time)

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Fast payments & reimbursements

Your service providers get paid through our 3-day claim processing. You can also submit reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses and get paid in 2 business days!

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Sharing with support coordinator

Only with your consent, the app is able to share your budget information with your support coordinator to enhance communication quality which offers better and faster assistance.

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Tracking budget & invoices

Tracking invoices has never been easier! Find invoices with one simple search and know the exact progress status. Plus, you can monitor the funding budget to get the most out of it.

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