Benefits of working with HiCom Care before you have a NDIS Plan

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📍Welcome back to HiCom Care #Tips_and_Shares. Today let’s talk about the benefit of having a Service Agreement with HiCom Care in place before you have a plan with NDIS!

👉First of all, a Service Agreement is an agreement you make about services you want from any business or organisation. A service agreement is a great way to outline expectations between participants and service provider.

🌟With HiCom Care, the Service Agreement states the rights and responsibilities of both parties: participants and HiCom Care. Unlike other services, the price for the Plan Management service is fixed and paid directly to Plan Manager by NDIA; participants don’t have to negotiate about the cost of the service.

👉Meanwhile, with other services, participants need to work out with the service providers about the price, travel fee and additional related fees to match their plan and NDIS Price Guide. With a Service Agreement, both participants and service providers are protected by law; hence, NDIS recommends having one in place BEFORE providing services.

🌟As the Plan Management fee is fixed and not mentioned in the Service Agreement, participants can sign one with HiCom Care right after the first meeting with NDIS’s representative and a NDIS number is provided. As the first and second meeting can be weeks or even months apart due to staff shortage, participants might be not supported during that time.

🌟However, with HiCom Care, if the participants sign a Service Agreement with us, the support will start immediately. We can help you with a list of service providers for you to contact beforehand. That will shorten the wait time applied in almost all therapy clinics for OT, Speech or Psychology at this stage. Instead of waiting a few weeks for the plan and another few weeks (or even a few months) for the service, participants can start using the service right after they have the plan or a short time after as a result.

👉Even though Plan Manager does not provide the plan application service, if you have any questions about NDIS during the plan applying process, you can contact HiCom Care at👇:


HiCom Care - NDIS Plan Manager

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Email: [email protected]


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